Chapter Tools

Chapter 663 has purchased tools that members can check out and use.  The following tools are available for checkout:

Borescope - The Chapter has a Snap-on BK6000 borescope.  Included is a second imager that has two cameras, one on the end and one on the side.  This makes viewing valves easier and eliminates the need to have a mirror attached to the end of a single imager camera.  The unit will record images and videos to a SD card for later download.

Electronic Weight Scales - The Chapter's Longacre scales accurately provide information needed for your aircraft's weight and balance calculations.  This unit includes ramps for easy roll-on, roll-off.

Propeller Balancer - Reduce vibration with this Dynavibe dynamic propeller balancer.  The unit provides the magnitude and angle of vibration for weight adjustments.  Click HERE for information on how to use the unit.

Electronic Tachometer - The Prop Tach is an optical tachometer suitable for two or three bladed propellers.  Easy to use in-flight, simply point and read.

Punch Instrument Punch - This punch will cut 2-1/4 and 3-1/8 inch instrument holes for your panel.  Easy to use with just a wrench.

Drill_Doc Drill Doctor - Keep your drill bits sharp with our drill doctor.

SWR Antenna SWR Meter - Measure your antenna's performance and find antenna/coax problems with this meter.

Field_Strength Field Strength Meter - Find the strength of field and radiation pattern of your antenna with this meter.

B_Blaster Bead Blaster - Clean parts or plugs with the Chapter's bead blaster.  This tool is located in Chuck and Darryl Ray's Hangar.

The Chapter also has the following: Kroy Wire Marker, "G" Meter, Parker Fluid Connector, Cable Crimper, Cable Tension-meter, Spark Plug Pressure Tester, Spark Plug Resistance Tester, Battery Load Tester, Cylinder Compression Tester, Battery Cable Crimping Tool, Tubing Flaring Tool, Ultrasonic Cleaner, Carbmate Carb Synchronizer, Brake Riveter.

Chapter Tool Men

Bob Farnam is the Chapter's primary tool man.  Contact Dick Jennings if Bob is not available.

Bob Farnam


Dick Jennings