This page provides photos/vidoes of Chapter events, member submittals, and items of general interest.  Enjoy!  To maximize the photos in slide shows, click on the box at the left of the slide show controls.

Ray's Air to Air

Chapter member Ray McCrae is rarely seen without his camera in hand.  Lately, Ray has been riding in the back of Bruce Cruikshank's and Barry Weber's RV-4 to take photos of aircraft during Saturday lunch flights.  This section will show some of Ray's great air to air shots.

Bob_JimBob and Jim - Former Chapter President Bob Farnam and Oshkosh Lindy winner Jim Patillo join up for some photos south of Livermore.  Click on the photo to look at these beautiful Quickie Q-200s. 


Check6Check'n My Six - The RV-4 offers outstanding visibility, and Ray gets some great shots out of the back seat.  Here he shows the view while "check'n my six."  Click on the photo for this slide show. 

J_ConstantJeremy's First Flight - Ray took this photo of Jeremy Constant's RV-7A during last July's Chapter meeting.  The plane is now complete, and Jeremy has the RV grin!  Click on the photo for Ray's video of Jeremy's first flight, which Jeremy edited and put to music.


While it's currently called "AirVenture," if you have been going for some time, it's simply "Oshkosh."

OSH15_WWOSH '15 - Welcome Wagon - Three Welcome Wagons provide rides for hundreds at Oshkosh.  Click on the photo for some shots of the people we carried in 2015.
OSH15_B52OSH '15 - B52H - A B-52 was displayed for the first time at OSHKOSH.  The aircraft arrived on Friday, before the show, and stayed for the week.  Due to the aircraft's wingspan with outrigger gear, runway lights were removed before arrival, as a precaution.  The B-52 was registered at Homebuilt Headquarters, given a "prop card," and "hours card," and was judged.  Gray skies on arrival didn't make for the best photos.  Still, click on the photo for some shots.
RVPilots_OSH15OSH '15 - RV Pilots - Click left for a slide show of photos taken during Oshkosh 2015 of RV pilots and their aircraft.  This group, by far, comprises the largest homebuilt group at the show, not surprising, because Vans has the most flying.  Photos were taken while volunteering with the Welcome Wagon.
OSHShot12-13OSH Shots  '12-'13 - Click left for a slide show of photos taken during Oshkosh 2012 and 2013.  Included are attending Chapter members, the award winning Laid (Livermore owner) Terrafugia, the Sub-Sonex jet, Jet-Man, Team AeroDynamix, warbirds and Tora, Tora, Tora!
OSH11AirShotsOSH '11 Air Shots - Click left for a slide show of some random photos taken flying aircraft during Oshkosh 2011.  Included are Rutan's Boomerang, a Beech Starship, warbirds, and some airshow performers.
Oshshot_10OSH Shots'10 - Click left for a slide show of some random photos taken at Oshkosh in 2010.  Included are the road-able Glastar, some Chapter 663 members and planes, and warbirds.
Antiques, Classics, and Contemporaries - Vintage aircraft are found south of the Theater in the Woods, where you can find antiques, classics, and contemporaries.  While 2010's wet grounds affected parking and the overall number of planes, there still were numbers of these magnificent machines.  Click left for a slide show from 2010.  Included are some replicas, including a Sikorsky S-38 whose gear retracted on the runway.  The pilots shut off the engines, walked around the plane, and then got back in and lowered the gear to jack the plane back up!
Osh10, The FarmThe Farm - Head south of Aeroshell Square - way south - to find "The Farm."  With its own grass runway, the farm is home to the ultralights - planes, trikes, powered parachutes and more.  They have food, bleachers, and their own "tower."  This area is particularly busy with light winds and the smooth air of early mornings and evenings.  Click left for a slide show from the Farm 2010, including  Chapter 663 member Paul Grieshaber flying a Mosquito ultralight helicopter.
Sploshkosh_10Sploshkosh 2010 - Record rains preceded the start of Oshkosh and provided challenges for all attending.  No planes in the North 40?  Airport closed for arrivals?   The campground a sea of mud?  Cars stuck, planes stuck, motorhomes stuck!  It was that and more.  Still, the great work by the volunteers made it a memorable show.  Click left for some photos of the water and mud which became Sploshkosh 2010.
PyroPyro! - We spent two days at OSH'10 working with Rich's Incredible Pyro.  Take some detonating cord, ammonium nitrate in fuel oil, gasoline, dynamite, and detonators ignited by AA batteries, and you have noise, flames, heat and smoke!  Click left for a slide show.  It was cool being on the the other side of OSH, under the performers' flightpath.
OSH ShotsOSH Shots'09 - Click left for a slide show of some random photos taken at Oshkosh in 2009.  Included is the Pitcairn Autogyro, some classics, the Sonex Jet, airshow performers, and warbirds.

Nose/Tail_Osh'09Noses and Tails - Click left for a slide show of some Noses and Tails at Oshkosh in 2009.  This is a small sample, and we probably missed the best ones!

White Knight IIWhite Knight II - Scaled Composites brought White Knight II to Oshkosh, and it is an amazing plane to view!  WK II was flown for some spectacular demonstrations during the show.  Click left for a slide show of WK II at OSH. 

RV_09RV Formation - A record formation of 37 RVs wowed the crowd while crossing the Oshkosh skies during the 2009 gathering.  This group flew on multiple days, bringing out the cameras each time they passed.  Click left for a short slide show.  For more action, click HERE for a YouTube video from in the formation, and click HERE for another YouTube video. 

A380A380 - With a gross weight of about 1.2 million pounds, and able to carry over 800 passengers, this is a monster!  Still, at a low weight it flew an Oshkosh demonstration as low as 105 knots and certainly impressed the crowd. Click left for a slide show, and if you heard about the OSH "arrival" click HERE to see it analyzed on YouTube. 

Around the Grounds - Click left for photos from the grounds in 2008 including:  3 Chapter 663 aircraft, the Boeing DreamLifter, the "Jetpack", John Travolta's 707, "the Farm," the "Crosby Racer" hanging in the museum (Harry needs to tell us about this one), some nose/tail art, and the girls from Heaven's Landing.  Enjoy - but see it live by going to Oshkosh 2009!

OshAirshow08Airshow -Click left for some shots of the 2008 Airshow.  These photos were taken with a point-n-shoot camera, so you are stuck with larger aircraft - mainly warbirds.  The Airshow is held every afternoon but with so much other activity going on, and having seen most of the acts, the show isn't always watched.  On the weekend however, the Warbird Spectacular should not be missed!

WBird08Warbirds - Click left for some shots of Warbirds at OSH in 2008.  These aircraft are popular, often making it difficult to get unobstructed photos.  So, these photos were taken up close.

RapterRapters - Click left for some shots of F22 Rapters at OSH in 2008.  Taken with a point and shoot, they aren't the greatest, but depict part of the show.  The capabilities of this plane is amazing, and it sure makes vapor! 

RocketRacer08Rocket Racer - The Rocket Racing League made its 2008 debut in Oshkosh with this flame-shooting Velocity.  It was a kick to watch, with a POP every time the engine was turned off!  Click left to see some more photos of the Rocket Racer.

AboveOsh08Above OSH - Click on the  photo to take a lap around the Oshkosh grounds in a Bell 47.  The flight starts at Pioneer Field, goes over the Museum and Camp Scholler, across Aeroshell Square, over "RV land" and the "North 40," before coming back to Pioneer.

Camp Scholler08Scenes from Scholler - There are all kinds of places to stay in Oshkosh, hotels, private homes, "the dorms," etc.  But, for many, the best place is Camp Scholler.  Click  left to see some "Scenes from Scholler - Oshkosh 2008."

SeaPlane08Sea Plane Base - So you've walked five miles, you're tired, hot, and need a break from the crowds.  Cool off at the Sea Plane Base for some relaxing, quiet time, while still enjoying airplanes!  Click left to check out the Sea Plane Base in 2008.

OshPlates08License Plates - After passing up some interesting license plates, we finally started taking some photos.  No doubt, there were others we missed.  Click left for Oshkosh Plates in 2008.

Photos from EAA 663 Members

2015 Photo Night2015 Group Photo - Prior to our June meeting some pilots brought out their aircraft for group photos.  Ray McCrae rode the man-lift to capture shots.  Click on the photo to the left.
Reno12Reno - National Championship Air Races 2012 - After the Galloping Gost accident and terrible lose of life in 2011, the future of Reno was in doubt.  Nevertheless, the races still occurred, but with a different mood and lower attendance.  Click on the photo for a larger format slide show from Saturday at Reno. 
LVKOpenHouse11Livermore Open House 2011 - This year, Chapter 663 was moved from its normal spot to the east side of the ramp, providing for less parking for experimentals. "Sully" Sullenberger flew Young Eagles for rides and posed for pictures at the chapter pop-up.  Click on the photo for a slide show. 
Reno22Reno - National Championship Air Races 2011 - Stead was full of airplanes for this year's races, and the Unlimited Class was looking good.  Unfortunately, tragedy struck on the third lap of Friday's Unlimited Gold, and the Races were over.  Click on the photo for a larger format slide show from the better parts of the day.  Maximize the photos by clicking on the box to the left of the controls.
Calaveras11Calaveras Air Faire 2011 - A number of Chapter 663 members and Livermore based planes went to the Calaveras Air Faire in mid-April.  Click on the photo for a slide show of many of the homebuilts at this early season fly-in.
RV_Mustang10Rio Vista Wings & Wheels and Nut Tree Mustang Days 2010 - Chapter members Barry Weber, Jeffry Larson, and Brad Olson attended the Rio Vista's Wings and Wheels event in 2010.  A week later, Nut Tree held their 2nd Mustang Days, featuring many warbirds and flybys. Click on the photo for a slide show from these events.
LVKOpenHouse10Livermore Open House 2010 - The 2010 Open House was held with nice weather and good crowds.  Chapter 663 was well represented, with over two rows of aircraft.  In addition, we had a booth to sign up Young Eagles. Bryon Graves' RV-7A was voted the airport staff's favorite plane! Click on the photo for a slide show.
Columbia Fathers Day 10Columbia Father's Day 2010 - Held on both Saturday and Sunday, most LVK pilots attended Saturday.  Still, on Sunday, we found in the campground  Chapter 663 members Bob Flagg, and his Apache, and Don Davis, with his Cessna 170.  Two Vargas were out on the grass strip, and they participated in flour bombing.  Click on the photo for a slide show.

Memorial Day 2010LVK Memorial Day 2010 - The Collins Foundation made their annual Memorial Day stop at Livermore, bringing their B-17, B-24, and P-51.  Local warbirds also were displayed during the event.  While the crowds to tour the aircraft appeared normal, the number of rides in the bombers seemed to be down from previous years.  Click on the photo for a slide show.

Canards West 2010Carnards West 2010 - EAA 663 members Bruce Cruikshank, Ray McCrea,  Brad Olson, Alan Thayer, Barry Weber, and Greg Young attended the 2010 Canards West gathering in Columbia. Gary Hertzler gave presentations during the day. This event also includes a camp-out and evening dinner. Click on the photo for a slide show.

LVK_OpenHouseLivermore Open House 2009 - With high temperatures, the open house was HOT!  Still, some Chapter members brought out their planes and staffed a booth to provide EAA info.  Eric Helms sat under the wing of his Cub and signed up Young Eagles.  Click on the photo to see a short slide show. 

LVK_Tandem 09Livermore Tandem Wing Fly-In 2009 - Chapter member Alan Thayer co-hosted this tandem wing event, which had people traveling from as far as Wyoming.  Featured was Gary Hertzler and his Vari-Ez, which came up from  Phoenix at close to 50 mpg!.  Gary gave a talk about drag reduction and his propeller designs, and he also gave tips on decreasing drag for some of the attending planes.  Click on the photo to see a slide show.

GValley09Nevada County Airfest 2009 - This is a gem of a small show, with up-close fly-by action.  Held every other year, fly-in attendance seemed down, but the flying was still great.  Livermore pilots Jim Patillo and Brad Olson had prime spots for their Quickies.  Click on the photo to see a slide show, particularly of the only flying Molt Taylor Aerocar. 

Luscombe08Gathering of the Luscombes 2009 - Several Chapter 663 members attended this annual event held in early May at Columbia.  The Luscombe group was having fun performing flour bombing and spot landings.  A rare Luscombe Phantom attended this year and a new Phantom II LSA, with a Rotec radial was present.  Finally, a Jim Younkin built Mullicoupe, with a 985 Pratt was present.  Beautiful!  Click on the photo for a slide show of this fly-in.  Click HERE for info on the Mullicoupe.  

Jean09Tandem Wing and Alternate Engine Roundup - Jean, NV.             Chapter members Bruce Cruikshank, Brad Olson, and Rick Lindstrom, along with former members Jim Patillo, Roger Hansen, and Mark Summers attended the Tandem Wing and Alternative Engine Roundup in Jean, NV, on March 27-29, 2009.  Most of the attending aircraft were of the alternative engine variety, with Subaru, Corvair, Mazda, Chevrolet, and Wilksch diesel represented.  Click left for a slide show of this fly-in. 

ColFDay08Columbia Fathers Day '08 - Click left for some photos from the 42nd Columbia Father's Day Fly-in.  Livermore pilots Scott Alair, Pete Bodie, Leland Collins, Harry Crosby, Doug Henson, John McAllister, Brad Olson, Bob Steffen, and Greg Young displayed experimentals, and we found Chapter member Bob Flagg in the Airport's adjacent campground.

GWest08Golden West '08 - Here are a few photos from Saturday at Golden West 2008.  Overall, attendance and the number of airplanes appeared to be down from past years.  Still, several Chapter 663 members and planes were there - note all were not captured in these photos. 

EAA/OSH Videos

OSH2010Oshkosh 2010 Videos - Links to a couple of good You Tube videos are provided HERE and HERE.  One was put together by SLICK, who did a great job with last year's video.  See some water, DC-3's, night airshow, pyro and more!  Enjoy!

Spirit_of_EAASpirit of EAA - EAA's great video showing why we belong - fun, fellowship, and flying!  The video is narrated by Harrison Ford, with extensive coverage of OSHKOSH, and shots of EAA663 members' craft - Barry Weber, Scott Alair, and Paul Grieshaber.

B2O_07Oshkosh Early Arrivals - Check out the early arrivals at Oshkosh 2007, including a view of Barry Weber's Bonanza parked behind the Chairman of Beachcraft.  The Bonanza, which is now part of the Beachcraft Heritage Museum, was featured in front of the Beachcraft display near Aeroshell Square.

Osh_SpiritOshkosh 2007 - Here is a nice collection of Oshkosh 2007 photos - with a lot of warbirds.

Osh_ArrivalLanding at Osh - Never been to Oshkosh?  There's more air traffic than at LVK!  This video shows a smooth arrival, although many airplanes are landing.  At OSH, a taxiway becomes a runway, and there are separate frequencies for the runways, arrivals, and departures.

EAA's Hints for Homebuilders Videos

Hints_for_HomebuildersHints for Homebuilders - With over 100 videos and over one million views, this EAA series is popular and welcome by members.  These videos cover useful tips in all areas - general mechanics, sheet metal, composites, tube and fabric, and electrical.  Click on the photo to be linked to the EAA address where all the videos are available.  You are guaranteed to learn something!